The Wonder sound is part tree house, part village part undiscovered world with hidden caves, clime-able spider webs and nets, 30 rooms, secret passages, an entire mythology, ancestors, and a fictional language made specifically for the project that visitors can learn to read write and speak.  It is a long term, (very) large scale, site specific installation at the New Children's museum in San Diego California that was made possible by 388,000 dollars of grant funding from the Institute of museum and library services, and the national endowment for the arts.  the figurative backbone within the wonder sound was a two artist in residency program between the museum, the artist (Wes Sam-Bruce), and six diverse community centers from san diego (san ysidro, sherman heights, the lgbt center, south bay, southern sudanese community center, and the museum school).  Together, we hosted and offered free workshops with the centers creating immersive, innovative, and community-driven artwork.  We also put on two huge celebrations that were essentially free open house days at the museum, packed full of dancing, art, food, and fun. the grant funding even paid for the community center member's bus fair to get there.  We gathered stories, ideas, content, and objects over the two years to shape, the stories and structure you find in the wonder sound installation.  The project continues to find new relevance, and meaning as thousands of people explore it every week.